Jackson Signature DAVID ELLEFSON CBX IV Snow White

X Series Signature David Ellefson Concert Bass CBXM IV, Maple Fingerboard, Snow White

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Características de Jackson Signature DAVID ELLEFSON CBX IV Snow White

  • Bajo eléctrico de 4 cuerdas
  • Cuerpo de álamo
  • Mástil de arce
  • Diapasón de arce
  • Montaje del mástil: Atornillado (bolt-on)
  • Inlays de puntos negros
  • 21 trastes jumbo
  • Escala de 864 mm (34")
  • Radio del diapasón compuesto de 305 mm (12") a 406 mm (16")
  • Golpeador de 1 capa en negro
  • Pastilla EMG HZ (puente)
  • Pastilla EMG PJ (mástil)
  • Electrónica: Ecualizador de 3 bandas
  • Controles: Volumen, graves, medios, agudos, mezcla
  • Puente 'Hi-Mass'
  • Acabado de los herrajes: Cromo
  • Color: Blanco (Snow White)

One of the original godfathers of thrash-metal bass, Megadeths David Ellefson levels audiences all around the globe with his aggressive playing style and guttural bass riffs. Jackson and the esteemed bass master joined forces to bring you a fresh take on the X Series Signature David Ellefson Concert Bass CBXM IV ravishing in look and sound, exquisite in feel, and loaded with personal design touches straight from the man himself.

The resonant poplar body is constructed with an upper contour that provides a comfortably stable anchor for pick or fingerstyle playing alike while the lower contour provides perfect balance when propped on a knee. Built for highly-technical lightspeed playing, a graphite-reinforced bolt-on quartersawn maple neck provides the utmost stability, while the 12-16 compound radius maple fingerboard flattens out as you move up the neck for increased playing comfort and speedy articulation. A convenitently located heel-mount truss rod thumbwheel also allows for quick and easy neck adjustments.

Active EMG® J bridge and EMG P neck pickups provide plenty of punchy mid-range and increased output as an active 3-band EQ bolsters their native power, shaping and refining it for maximum impact and versatility. The blend knob allows you to mix the pickups to your taste add more of the neck pickup for a punch of warmth, or bring up the bridge pickup for more cut. The Jackson HiMass 4-string bridge sharpens your notes attack for extra clarity, granting enhanced sustain without significantly altering the instruments fundamental tone.

For a stylish twist, Ellefson has added a few new cosmetic touches including a pickguard and all-new Jackson paddle headstock that features the familiar Radiation logo and Ellefsons signature embossed on the truss rod cover. Offered in Gloss Black with white pickguard or Snow White with black pickguard, this low-end leviathan is finished off with chrome hardware, including everything from the bridge to the Jackson sealed die-cast tuning machines.

Num Cuerdas4 cuerdas

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