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If you are viewing this page, it is because you most likely want to buy a guitar and become part of that group of millions of people who love this musical instrument. Or maybe you are already an experienced guitarist and have even given concerts in theaters, festivals or theaters. No matter, you have reached the ideal place to find what you are looking for: from all types of guitars to any accessory for them that you can imagine.

Before buying a guitar

It is not known at all for sure when the first guitar was invented, since in ancient times there were many stringed instruments of a similar style, such as vihuela. What is clear is that it has become one of the most famous instruments in the world thanks to its versatility: from classical music to rock and pop, to jazz or blues.

Guitar Types

As we mentioned before, there are guitars of all kinds that offer you a lot of possibilities and sounds. It is convenient that you think well how you want to sound before you go to buy one.

Classic guitars

As the name implies, it is the classic instrument as our ancestors knew it. We have to thank Vicente Espinel, the considered creator of the classic model, for adding a fifth string to the instrument that was played before. The sixth string would come later. A classic to buy a guitar for the first time.

Flamenco guitars

We cannot confuse this class with classical guitars: since this type of has been manufactured specifically to play flamenco, that is why they are smaller, lighter and faster to play, although they have a lower sound and volume.

Acoustic guitars

The characteristic sound of acoustic models is given by the material from which their strings are made: steel. This gives a more metallic sound and great projection and power. It is one of the most used types throughout the world.

Electroacoustic guitars

This kind of guitars are identical to the acoustic ones, except for a small but important detail: its sound is not only amplified by the box, but inside the body it has a preamp device to process its sound, which is, normally through a JACK type connector that will be connected to an amplifier system or a mixer so that the public can hear this instrument better.

Electric guitars

It is the most versatile of all. We get its sound thanks to the pickups, which collect the vibrations of the metallic strings. We have an infinity of pedals, amplifiers and other accessories at our disposal to be able to mold that processed sound as we want.

Accessories for guitars

In the universe of the 6 strings, there is not only the particular instrument. There is a whole world of accessories to complement your musical experience with what will be your new friend.

That is why in our store, with a warehouse of more than 1000m2 with more than 12000 references in stock and in which we also have 4 booths for instrument testing, recording, rehearsal, academy where you can learn to play the guitar, etc. We offer you endless accessories among which you will find tuners, guitar cases and cases, cables, pedals, etc. and of course also generic amplifiers or specially designed for the type of instrument you have.

Buy your guitar online, personalized attention

In our online store you can buy the guitar model you like best at the best price on the net, in a comfortable and easy way, from your home or mobile device. With a totally secure payment and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have the most important brands in the sector: Fender, Ibanez, Takamine, Alhambra, Martin, Yamaha, etc.

In addition, we are at your disposal for when you want more information or want to answer any questions you have when buying a guitar. Simply get in touch with us and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

Do you want to become the next Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani or Paco de Lucía? First you have to buy a guitar and give it hours and hours of practice. Check out our entire collection that we offer you in Musisol.