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What kind of musical instrument is it?

The oboe is a musical instrument of the woodwind family, with a conical drill. The sound is emitted from the vibration of an existing double tongue in the duct, through which the blown air passes. Its sound is characterized by being penetrating, mordant and somewhat nasal and sweet

Evolved from the antiquity of many and diverse forms fruit of the creativity of cultures and civilizations. Traditional oboes (bombarda, dulzaina, cornamusa, duduk, bagpipes, hichiriki and zurna) and modern oboes (pipole oboe, oboe, love oboe, English horn and baritone oboe).

At first, the oboes lacked keys. But in the Baroque we already find

In all its forms and variants it is used in almost all musical options such as solo, concert music, chamber music, symphony orchestra or musical band. The works for oboe come essentially from the baroque (Bach) and classical (Mozart) repertoire, and after its rebirth, from the 19th century (Robert Schumann) to the present day (Berio).

This instrument includes keys whose objective is to facilitate the performance of any musical piece in order to expand its registration. With two and three keys in the baroque but at the end of the classic period I already had 7 keys and thirteen in romanticism. And until today it has a complex system of up to forty-five keys (plates or rings).

This musical instrument can be semi-automatic, automatic, thumbplate system or conservatory system.

Parts of an Oboe

The oboe is constructed in three parts: the head or upper body of the instrument, where the left hand is placed and the cane is introduced through a small opening. The middle part or lower body of the instrument, where the right hand is placed, and the pavilion or bell, which is the widened extension of the lower part or body.

All these parts or bodies of the instrument fit with each other by means of a kind of cork-coated spikes

The drill is narrow and conical, and expands more or less regularly for five sixths of its length, then opening more quickly to form the bell. This expansion is in the form of a smooth curve or an expansion of cones. But it depends on the manufacturer itself.

The oboe is tuned in do. So it is not a transpositor instrument and has a record between mezzo-soprano and soprano.

Partes de un oboe en tu tienda online musisol

Parts of an oboe in your musisol online store

Do you want to learn to play the Oboe?

If you are interested in learning this woodwind instrument, we make some recommendations for you to start on the right foot:

    Keep in mind the posture, since the sound that the oboe will emit will depend a lot on the posture you adopt. So you must place your feet firmly on the ground and keep the oboe in position facing forward.
    Using the left hand in the upper opening, it is necessary that the index and middle fingers completely cover the first keys found in the holes.
    Warm up the instrument to take into account if your Oboe is made of wood, since the instrument must be heated, because if it does not have the necessary temperature or if it is in a very cold place the instrument can break.

The best Oboistas

There are many recognized, prominent, well-known Oboists and even the less known oboe musicians of today, then we introduce you to two of the best professionals in the field of oboes.

Albrecht Mayer:

(born June 3, 1965, Erlangen) is a German classical oboist. Mayer sang as a child in the Cathedral Choir in Bamberg. He began his professional career as a main oboist of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra in 1990. He joined the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as a main oboist in 1992, and has been a Principal Oboist along with Jonathan Kelly.

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